About the work

People are what matter in the world. Eddie Adams, a Pulitzer Prize winner, once said that “photographers with hearts can capture love, hope, passion, and make the world a better place.”  I don’t think that’s true. It’s the people you see here – good people, people of warmth, dignity, talent, intellect and humor – who make the planet better.

But as much as I enjoy photographing people, I confess that I’m still drawn to old, run-down buildings and rusting cars. For years, I wasn’t able to explain exactly why, but then I found the words in a novel by Lee Child: “They’re like little time capsules, forever frozen in an earlier era, testament to the long and sad decline in their owners’ energies and ambitions.”

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About Me

I spent a good chunk of my life photographing professionally. Now that I’m retired, I’m looking back on personal work.

“25 Things About Me” was popular on Facebook years ago, but I’m not interesting enough for 25, so here are 14 …

1. Pizza, Mexican food and ice cream. Not necessarily in that order.

2. Vegetables, not so much.

3. I can quit chocolate anytime. Really.

4. I miss my golden retriever. We went everywhere together for 15 years.

5. I lived in Australia for almost six months. There are a LOT of topless beaches in Australia.

6. My deepest, darkest secret: I have no tattoos and not a single pierced body part.

7. Walter Cronkite once phoned me. (Do any of you know who that is?)

8. I love movies.

9. Football, college basketball and golf are my favorite sports.

10. I wish I could sing.

11. I used to run a lot – 50 miles a week for years. I even ran a marathon. I’m not sure why.

12. My favorite authors are John Sandford, Lee Child, and Robert B. Parker, who died in 2010.

13. I fell in love with photography when I was in journalism school. I took a basic photography course and I was hooked. I’ve done all sorts of professional photography — magazines, sports, architecture, books — but I discovered that weddings were what I liked best.